Association of the Families von Nathusius and Nathusius (registered)

Founded in 1895, the association will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2005. Within the united association are the descendents of Christian Nathusius (1625 - 1707) and his wife Katharina. Christian Nathusius, born in Priebus (Eastern Germany) studied theology at Königsberg University. He became both a priest and teacher. Two of his great-grandsons established the six family tribes, which are currently represented in the association.

Johann Gottlob Nathusius (1760 - 1835) was the father of industrialisation in Middle Germany. He was a trader and manufacturer of tobacco, a member of parliament in several governments, an owner of castles and farms around Magdeburg (Sachsen-Anhalt). His sons are the founders of the following tribes:

von Nathusius - Althaldensleben
von Nathusius - Hundisburg
von Nathusius - Königsborn
von Nathusius - Meyendorf
von Nathusius - Neinstedt


Friedrich August Nathusius (1762 - 1827), a younger brother of Johann Gottlob, was a tax officer and mayor of the town Kemberg. His son became an entrepreneur and partner in the businesses of his uncle in Magdeburg . He founded the tribe:

Nathusius - Magdeburg

The families von Nathusius and Nathusius have been active in industry, science and welfare in Middle-Germany (mainly in Sachsen-Anhalt) for 150 years. With the end of WW II and the division of the two Germanies, nearly all of the family's property (castles, farms, and factories) was lost due to expropriation through the Soviet government in Eastern Germany. The association 1976 was re-established in Kassel.

Today the association has 70 members.


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